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About Us

We are glad to introduce MQSeafood Company, with headquarters in Greece and partners in the main fishing ports and seafood production centers of India and Uruguay.

A group of specialists with more than 25 years of experience in the fishing industry will be prepared to fulfill your orders obtaining the best products and at the best affordable prices of the daily market.

Service Area

Our company survey permanently the situation of catches, production and stocks. We deal with the most important and reliable fishing companies, and obtain up to date information of prices and products available for export. We can quote immediately all the available products. Upon request, we will revert to you ASAP with the best and convenient proposal.

We also provide up-to-date information regarding seafood catches, quality issues and prices, without any commitment or agreement on cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will revert to you ASAP with all required information.


Some of the products we can offer include:

Squid: (a) Whole Round Squid (Loligo Duvauceli), origin Malaysia, FAO 71, (b) Whole Round Squid (Loligo Duvauceli), origin India, FAO 51-57, (c) Whole Round Squid (Loligo Reynaudi), origin South Africa, FAO 47 (d) Whole Round Squid (Loligo Chinensis-Formosana), origin Taiwan, FAO 71 (e) Whole Arrow Squid (Nototodarus Sloanni), origin New Zealand, FAO 81

Octopus: IQF Flower Style Octopus (Octopus Vulgaris), gutted, origin Morocco

Shrimps: (a) HOSO Black Tiger (Penaeus Monodon) semi IQF, origin Malaysia, (b) Whole Shrimps (Hymenopenaeus Mulleri), origin Argentina, (c) White Raw Frozen HOSO Farm Raised Shrimps (Litopenaeus Vannamei), origin Ecuador, semi IQF